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Pupils Page


Our New Project: Designing the new playground 

We need to think about:


How it will be used for P.E.

How every class in the school can benefit.

What games can be played 

How to celebrate mathematics across the school. 

Jack wanted a giant hundred square to help children learn their tables. 



Dana created a series of maths challenges to warm up the Early Bird Club. 

Abby, Harriet and Dana creating lessons to teach Class during assembly time. 


 School Council Members 2018/19

Year 2 - Oliver

Year 3 - Darcy & Charlie

Year 4 - Olivia & Toby

Year 5 - Evie & Elena

Year 6 - Layla & Thomas

School Council 2017/18


Year 6 - Saoirse, Jack & Jodie

Year 5 - Sophie

Year 4 - William & Ella-Jasmine

Year 3 - Harriet & Scarlett

Year 2 - Abby


First Meeting - The topic this term is promoting enjoyment of math across the school! 



 The School Council elected Charlotte as their Online Safety Abassador.

The Student Council are incredibly enthusiastic about reading. They wanted to share their favourite books with the school and spread the word about books other children may not have read. 

These are a few of their practice reviews. 

 All the Councillors reviews will go up on the board. Once they have reviewed theirs, they will go out and start recording other children's favourite reads! 

Autumn and Spring 2016/17

Using the Aurasma app, children will use I pads and try to answer the questions placed around the garden, by the student council. 

Creating the Learning Garden

Message from the Chairwoman:

Our aim is to make our learning garden interactive for all children to explore. 


 Using augmented reality, the students are busy creating short films to superpose on various parts of the garden. 












 School Council - Summer 2016


Year 6: Indie/Olivia

Year 5: Daisy / Saul 

Year 4: Oscar / Charlotte

Year 3: Thomas / Oliver 

The aim was to use our school council budget to help plant and grow flowers, herbs and other plants to help beautify and expand the learning garden. 

 We have to make sure all our plants are watered regularly - especially the tomatoes! 


 We have to watch out for slugs!!!!

 September 2015


Year 6 -  Pedro and Myrinda

Year 5 -  Daisy and Tyler

Year 4 -  Jo and Jack

Year 3 -  Layla and Corey .

This term the Student Council have been thinking about how to teach science in class. The council members divided themselves up into different Key Stages and designed, planned and taught a series of lessons, during our regular science sessions. 

Pedro taught Class 3 about how light is reflected off certain surfaces. He came up with the ideas of getting the children to create periscopes, so they could physically see the effects of reflection. Myrinda taught the class about the colour spectrum. She used DVDs to show the children how light is actually made up of 7 different colours - which are normally invisible to the human eye. 


Jo, Daisy Corey and Jack had to teach Class 1.

Jack and Corey decided to teach them about friction, using cars and ramps. They wanted the children to discover which surface would create the most friction. 

Daisy and Layla wanted to teach Class 1 about materials (so it linked to their science topic). They came up with a challenge. They decided to give Class 1 a range of materials and see who could create the strongest, most durable bag. 

The winning bag was Will's, with a whopping 7KG! 









School Council - 2014/15

Members of the School Council:

Year 6 

Melody - Chairwoman 


Year 5 



Year 4



Year 3 




A Message from the Chairwoman  2014 

Hello, this is Melody. I am the chairwoman of Somerleyton School. This terms topic is finding new books for our school to read. We are researching books for all the school, not just for class one, but everyone. Firstly ,we will research different books, that will appeal to all ages. Having done that, we will create a survey to find out what books the children will want to read .Finally, I will meet with Mrs Spall to discuss our choices and how we have spent our budget. 


The Research Team hard at work.

The Research Team hard at work. 


A Message from the Chairwoman -November 2014

We have searched for a range of books that will appeal to all year groups. Here are some of our choices. 

Clockwork - By Phillip Pullman 

Once - By Morris Gleitzman 

Make Way for Ducklings - By Robert McCloskey 

A Monster Calls - By Patrick Ness 

The Legend of Spud Murphy - Eoin Colfer 

EAT YOUR PEAS - By Kes Gray 


We have found over 30, so will be creating a survey and questionaire to create a shortlist. 


 January 2015 - A message from the Chair-woman.

Collecting the results of our shortlist. - We broke the shortlist into 3 classes and gave each child two votes. 


 January 2015 - The results are in! 


The school has decided! 

Class 1's books were:

The Bear Wants His Hat Back - by Jon Klassen

A Dog Called Rod - by Tim Hopgood 

Class 2's books were:

The Faraway Tree - by Enid Blyton 

Pippy Longstockings - -by Astrid Lindgren

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night - Janet & Allan Ahlberg 

Finally, Class 3's choices were:

The Firework Maker's Daughter - by Phillip Pullman 

My Sword Hand is Swinging - by Marcus Sedgewick 



After the end of the third term, the elections have arrived. We shall find out whether the school has confidence in Melody's leadership or whether a change in management is required!