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Key Stage 2 Curriculum Information

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- Somerleyton Curriculum Policy 2014


Class 3 - Poetry in the Autumn Term


Animal Haikus


Jaguar - By Finlay                 Camel - By Pedro                       Gorrilla- By James   

 Leaping through the trees,                                       Like a ship gliding,                          King of the Jungle,                     Staring at it's taipier friend,                                    I do not sink down,                         Granite for the arms and legs,       As it lives no more.                                                   I travel away.                                Thumping the hard ground.      


Kyirelle Poems 


   The Oak Tree - By Myrinda                           Willow - By Eve                   The Human - By Melody 

At peace I  rest in an oak tree,                      A tiny seed waiting to grow,                          Before my eyes, a big wide earth, 

Until one day I drop, I'm free.                     Then a shoot grows from head to toe.             I arrived in the world through brith. 

I slowly break my shell to grow,                   Now grows the leaves and then the seeds,                Out of the hospital I go on, 

One day I shall beome a pro.                      Around the tree grows thick, thick weeds.      Whilst mum sings a beautiful song. 


As I grow, my leaves bud freely,                  Now more trees grow from head to toe,                      As a toddler, I ran around, 

No sound, no noise, the wind blowing.         They look so similar and oh,                      Jumping up and down, roof to ground. 

As I become a metre tall,                           How big they get, how tall they grow.                    Running around the dirty room, 

My ten branches begin to fall.                     Now it is time for it to snow.                     When mum sees, the human of doom. 


The winter comes and strips my leaves,      How cold and chilly it gets now,                                  Going to school, it is so fun, 

My leaves freeze and I begin to sneeze.     The snow is covering my bough.                         Making new friends with everyone. 

As the children play in my arms,                On the grass it is cold with frost,                        Seeing the teacher, tall and proud, 

I wish I was one of those palms.                To other trees I am lost.                     I wish I was Making noise, as part of a crowd.


Someone came and chopped me down,    My branches snap, my leaves have gone,                   Time to die, no time to dalay, 

To make room for a brand new town.         I feel that I can't go on.                                        Time to go, must be on my way. 

I fell slowly to the white snow,                  Now i'm getting ready for bed,                            Give me a kiss, then I will say bye, 

Sorry my friends, but I have to go.            I think you realise i'm dead.                                       Time to go away, time to die


Examples of our childrens curriculum:

Children design, make and enjoy baking bread



DT - War Machines



This term we have been designing, building and testing siege engines, in order to find the most powerful design. The children were tasked with researching what they wanted to build, designing blueprints for their machine and constructing it, using materials they chose. As a result, there was a huge variety of designs that we were able to test and then decide how to improve the designs further.






Ultimately, we had a competition to see who could fire a marble the furthest.